Scritch scritch goes the pen

There’s something oddly satisfying about writing. The therapeutic charms are well known and well documented. Writing is a means of letting out what is locked within, a way of both releasing what is pent up, as well as of giving them an odd kind of permanence, both giving freedom and pinning down at the same time. Caged and uncaged.

I haven’t written for oh so long, and I miss it. I miss the sound of the keys, the pressure of keyboard against fingertips. I miss the focus, the very act of creation – but that is perhaps the wrong word. Nothing is created as the words are already there. The writer transforms existing thought into pixels or lines of ink. Writing is not creation, it’s an act of transformation, of re-creation.

It is a part of me I have denied for too long.

I think it’s time to let it out again.


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Lost in a forest somewhere

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